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Carl Hallowell “Horisho” 彫菖

Ohayo gozaimasu! My name is Carl Hallowell, and I tattoo under my Japanese honorific name, Horisho. In 2019, I learned the traditional Japanese hand tattooing method, tebori, from one of the foremost tattoo masters in Japan. I will remain forever grateful.
My work explores the realm of the authentic traditional Japanese bodysuit tattoo, or irezumi. I employ the traditional images, methods, and tools. I work personally with each client to illuminate the path of irezumi for them, and to guide them on their own journey into it. The Japanese tattoo takes many hours, many sessions, to create. Therefore, we do travel together down this road quite a ways, forming a relationship, sharing experiences, exploring and achieving the goal of irezumi.
Although passionately inspired by traditional Japanese tattooing, folklore, and culture, make no mistake- this is work that is proudly made in America! And right here in the heart of Texas at that. Traditional tattooing points its students towards respect for its elders and those that came before, trust in the established ways of the tried and true, and adherence to the constant truth of natural law and reality. I believe the traditional values of both America and Japan honor these codes with a sense of pride and duty. The attributes of strength, power, and freedom are brought forward- and these are embodied visually in the traditional Japanese tattoo.

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Please email me at if you are serious about embarking on the journey to irezumi with me. Please allow 1-2 weeks for a response, as I do handle all inquiries personally. I am always accepting new clients onto my “Horisho Scheduling Waitlist”. For me, my journey to irezumi is endless. I hope that you will travel a portion of that road with me.

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