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Carl Hallowell

Allow me to introduce myself to those of you that do not know me yet! I’m Carl Hallowell. I specialize in TRADITIONAL JAPANESE TATTOOING and work by APPOINTMENT ONLY out of my PRIVATE STUDIO ROOM at Heart in Hand.

2020 marks 25 YEARS OF TATTOOING for me! But my learning continues! I am a student of MASTER SHODAI HORIKOI of Toyohashi Japan, and a member of the HORIKOI FAMILY. I am proud to offer you the authentic work that this connection allows me the privilege to present.

My honorific Japanese title is “HORISHO”. “Sho” means “Straight, Right idea”. This suits me well, as I believe that the idea itself is the most important part of every tattoo. I cherish my clients, and work hard to help each of them to arrive at the “right idea” for their work.

I am now practicing TEBORI, the Traditional method of JAPANESE HAND TATTOOING. An old adage says, “A western tattoo is at its best when it is first completed, a Japanese tattoo gets better with age.” This is in large part due to the tebori method. Although I still outline with the machine, and am still available for machine tattooing, I am proud to offer this very rare service to America.

The Japanese tattoo is perhaps the most recognizable tattoo in the world; it’s rich traditions have been perfected by many a JAPANESE TATTOO MASTER over the years. It is the originator of the SLEEVE tattoo, the BACKPIECE tattoo, and the FULL BODYSUIT tattoo. The Japanese tattoo is based on the human body itself. This makes it perhaps the most powerful art form humanity has ever known.

I would love to share the Japanese tattoo with you. It is a very deep and complex form. The stories and motifs must be in HARMONY, the designs and their placements must be CORRECT, and the rules of the form must be followed. It would be my honor to help you achieve each of these unique attributes of the JAPANESE TRADITIONAL TATTOO!

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Please CONTACT ME at for a consultation and appointment. I personally respond to all emails within 3-4 days. My schedule books several months in advance, so I apologize for the delay. But I promise you it will be worth the wait! THANK YOU!

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