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Carl Hallowell

HEY THERE guys and gals, this here is your old buddy Carl Hallowell, whether we have known each other for years or have yet to meet. The CUSTOMER COMES FIRST in my line of work, as without you, there would be no me! But this isn’t the kind of place where the customer is always right. I am the professional tattoo artist whose VISION AND EXPERTISE you have sought out. So with mutual respect, we work together towards a tattoo and tattoo experience that will be highly successful!

I began tattooing professionally up in Amarillo Texas at Screaming Mimi Tattoo back in 1995. I was 22 years old. I moved back to my hometown of Fort Worth in 1997, by 1998 I was doing my first guest appearances at Elm Street Tattoo, as I had grown up with Oliver Peck, and he saw that I had the same interest in TRADITIONAL TATTOOING as he did. In 2002, I opened up my own tattoo parlor, Liberty Electric Tattooing. I ran that shop up until 2009, when conservative city planners and corporate investors kicked me out of the neighborhood our shop had helped to establish. So what did I do? I moved on out to Elm Street full time! As of October of 2016, I have primarily worked Elm Street Tattoo’s private appointment only studio, HEART IN HAND, where I maintain a PRIVATE STUDIO ROOM that is well suited to my focused approach on my tattooing and my customers.

I enjoy the purity, truth, and boldness of TRADITIONAL AMERICAN and TRADITIONAL JAPANESE TATTOOING. These types of tattooing employ almost mathematical laws ensuring that each tattoo is a success. To a TRADITIONAL TATTOO ARTIST, your tattoo is not an experiment to exercise the artist’s ego. It is a permanent emblem on your skin which should be TIMELESS, PERSONAL, and POWERFUL.

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Please CONTACT ME at for a consultation and appointment. I personally respond to all emails within 2-3 days. My schedule books a couple months in advance, so I apologize for the delay. But I promise you it will be worth the wait! THANK YOU!

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