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Chris Erickson

Known primarily for his large scale Japanese work, Chris Erickson is fluent in most popular styles of tattoo art. When Chris started tattooing, initially he loved the vintage style of a classic American traditional tattoo. But after a trip to Japan in 2004, his interests gravitated towards the sleeves and back tattoos of the Japanese style. Today he has honed a style that is recognizable as his own yet pays tribute to classic designs and traditional techniques.

Chris is dedicated to providing a unique artistic experience when creating your custom tattoo. Most of the tattoos he does are drawn directly on the skin for the best possible fit. Twenty years of experience have given him a wealth of knowledge in design and layout that will be used to create your custom body art. Chris works hard to make sure each tattoo is of the highest quality and meant to last a lifetime.

Please keep in mind that the process of a large body tattoo does require a mutual trust and commitment by both the artist and client to see a project to completion. For Chris, each tattoo is unique to the individual, so there is always something interesting to look forward to when taking on a new client. Working with people is one of the things that Chris likes the most about tattooing. It’s part of what makes a tattoo different than other types of art. By collaborating with the tattoo collector and their ideas, he hopes to create a positive enjoyable experience that will be memorable for years to come.

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If you would like to be tattooed by Chris Erickson, please contact him directly by text message at 415-310-3383 to schedule a tattoo appointment or consultation.  You can also email him at for any general questions.
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