Guest Artists

The Extended Family

Elm Street Tattoo hosts different guest artists from all over the world on an almost weekly basis.  We are quite proud of our extended family of some of the best tattoo artists in the world.

Upcoming artists are listed below and you can get regular updates through social media via Instagram and Facebook.

Jesse Strother

From: June 22, 2017
To: June 25, 2017


Jesse Strother is based out of Three Anchors Tattoo in Cuyahoga Falls, OH.  Email for bookings.

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Tyson Arndt

From: June 29, 2017
To: July 2, 2017

Instagram Website

Tyson Arndt is a tattooer based out of Historic Tattoo in Portland, OR.  He is a regular guest at Elm Street Tattoo and is often a fixture at our Friday the 13th 24hr tattoo marathon.  He specializes in bold American Traditional based off classic designs.  Contact Tyson by email at for bookings.

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Lindsey Carmichael

From: July 13, 2017
To: July 14, 2017


Lindsey Carmichael is a 25 year tattooer from California and a proud, frequent guest at Elm Street Tattoo.  Lindsey has worked all around the world, but finds his way back to us in beautiful Dallas, Texas every couple of months. He specializes in bold, true traditional tattoos.  Check out his Instagram @lindseycarmichael to see more of his work and email for bookings.
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Miguel Arrue

From: July 20, 2017
To: July 23, 2017

Instagram Website

Miguel Arrue is a tattooer based out of Little Rock, AR. When not traveling, he tattoos full-time at 7th Street Tattoo. He specializes in American Traditional and Black + Grey work.

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Nick Caruso

From: July 27, 2017
To: July 30, 2017

Instagram Website

Nick Caruso is an owner/tattooer at Bound for Glory in NYC and tattooer at Stay Gold Tattoo in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  Check out his website and Instagram to see more of his work.  He can be reached by email at for bookings.

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Lain Freefall

From: August 3, 2017
To: August 6, 2017


Lain Freewill specializes in highly detailed blackwork style tattoos.  See her Instagram for more of her work.  Contact

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