Friday 13th

24-hour Tattoo Marathon

Elm Street Tattoo hosts a 24-hour tattoo marathon EVERY Friday 13th from midnight to midnight. The event is CASH ONLY, requires photo ID, and you must be 18 to get tattooed, no exceptions.

The walk-in line begins forming Thursday night and is first come first serve. We also do an optional pre-signup on Thursday evening (12th) for those that want to skip the line and guarantee their spot.

Tattoos & Prices

The Elm Street Tattoo Friday 13th flash sheet has over 200 designs that are $13 each with a mandatory $7 tip for good luck ($20 total). There are other flash sheets (seen right) with designs ranging from $40 to $400 and bring the number of designs available to nearly 400 in total.  The larger designs are priced at a bargain versus typical pricing.


The pre-signup details are posted on our social media typically the week before the event. It is optional, but necessary if you want to guarantee your spot at a particular time.  It is usually held at Heart in Hand Gallery from 5pm to 1am on Thursday (12th) evening. The pre-signup ensures that you will get in the door at the time you reserve, not get immediately tattooed.

There is typically a 15-45min wait once you get in the door. The same rules apply for the pre-signup; first come first serve, photo ID and $20 cash required. Note that the pre-signup can and WILL sell out.  There are approximately 330 slots available. The $20 cash at the pre-signup goes toward the tattoo and we ask all that want to do a larger design let us know at the signup if possible.  A slightly larger deposit may be necessary to reserve a larger design.

Photo ID is required at the pre-signup AND the tattoo event for those that sign up. Reserving your place cannot be done over the phone or web. You must sign up in person and cannot sign up for other people. You obviously have to be 18 to get tattooed, there no exceptions under Texas State Laws.