Tattoo Artist

Joe Haasch

I’ve been tattooing for 12 years; the majority of the first 7 years working in Ft. Worth, TX at Liberty Electric Tattoo. Since 2012, Ive worked at Elm Street Tattoo in Dallas, TX. In October of 2017 Elm Street opened up the private studio Heart in Hand where I am at full time now.

The 3 styles I focuses on are Traditional American, Japanese, and Black and Grey. These styles can cover a large range and variety of designs. Customers are rarely turned away based on design choice, but many times the original image will be redrawn to better fit the skin.

“I will not do any tattoos that won’t hold up over time. One thing you need to remember when getting tattooed is that black outline and shading are the heart and soul of the design. Without the black the color will have nothing to contrast with, leaving it weak and dull as it ages in the skin.”

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