Friday The 13th

24-Hour Tattoo Marathon

Elm Street Tattoo hosts a 24-hour tattoo marathon EVERY Friday 13th from midnight to midnight.

The next Friday the 13th is: Sept. 13th 2024!

Small Friday the 13th designs done as walk-ins will cost $20.00! (See flash sheet below with red and black “13” designs)

If you snagged a pre-sign up:

  • Please double check your appointment time! Every year there is a handful of people who think they grabbed a PM slot, when in fact it’s an AM slot- so double check your time!
  • Please arrive 10-15 mins prior to your slot.
  • When you get to the shop, please stand to the left of the front door. Don’t stand in line! Our door manager will let you in the lobby at your designated time for us to check you in and get you to fill out your paperwork. Please have your valid ID ready at this time and know what design you want.
  • If you want one of our limited edition FRIDAY 13th shirt, please bring cash.

If you walk-up:

  • Bring anything you need to wait! Lawn chair, snacks, water, sunscreen, etc
  • Check the weather and plan accordingly! As of right now, it looks perfect all 24 hours but always double check!
  • This is a cash only event. $20 covers the $13 tattoo and a lucky $7 tip for your artist. If you want one of our limited edition shirts, bring extra cash.
  • You MUST BE 18 YRS. OLD AND HAVE A VALID ID, no exceptions!
  • You will not get tattooed if you do not have your valid ID.



Pre-registration for small Friday the 13th designs costs $25.00 (This fee covers the cost of the small tattoo)

WE WILL HAVE A WALK-IN LINE at the main shop, Heart in Hand Lower Greenville and Heart in Hand Arlington.

Info regarding the pre-registration will be released through social media and updated here as well.

Larger “13” design appointments are available here: Heart in Hand Gallery.


This event requires a valid photo ID when you arrive, and you must be 18 to get tattooed, no exceptions.

Tattoos & Prices

The Elm Street Tattoo Friday 13th flash options this year have been chosen from sheets done by Oliver Peck, Norman Dean Williams, Carl Hallowell, Tyson Arndt, Greg Christian, Ian Jones and David Steed.

The appointments are made via on-line pre-registration at Heart in Hand Gallery.


All designs on this sheet are $20.oo for walk-ins the day of the event OR $25 for pre-registration prior to the event.

We will be doing walk-ins at the main shop Elm Street Tattoo, Heart in Hand Lower Greenville and Heart in Hand Arlington.


***Stay tuned for updates for October 13th, 2023. Designs have not been released online nor have the appointment slots. Stay Tuned.***

The pre-registration details will be posted on our social media, but it is NOT the only way to get tattooed this Friday 13th.

The same typical rules apply for this year; photo ID and cash payment required when you come get tattooed. Note that the pre-registration WILL sell out (AND HAS SOLD OUT THIS YEAR) and is the only digital payment part of our event.  There are approximately 330 slots available. The $25 non-refundable payment from the pre-registration or the $50 non-refundable deposit goes toward the tattoo and we ask all to bring cash for the final payment if you are getting a large design or extra tip if you have special requests.

Photo ID is required at the tattoo event, we cannot stress this enough.  If you fail to bring ID you will forfeit your place. Reserving your place cannot be done over the phone or in person. You obviously have to be 18 to get tattooed, there no exceptions under Texas State Laws.  AGAIN, if you don’t have your ID with you ON YOUR PERSON AT THE TIME YOU NEED TO GET TATTOOED, you WILL NOT GET TATTOOED… and you won’t get your money back.  Sorry, not sorry. Don’t be dumb.

Pre-Registration and Event Schedule

Our Friday 13th event has grown to include the main shop Elm Street Tattoo, Heart in Hand Gallery on Elm St, Heart in Hand Lower Greenville and our new Heart in Hand Arlington location.

Wed 9/13 @ our online store -7am- Pre-registration begins with a $25 non-refundable deposit. This $25 fee covers the cost of the tattoo/processing fees.


Thursday 10/12 – All of our tattoo shops will be closed so our staff can be READY TO PARTY at MIDNIGHT!!!

Friday 10/13 – PARTY!!!

Larger “13” designs (see below) are available at ELM ST. as walk-ins ONLY…

Larger “13” design appointments are available here: Heart in Hand Gallery.