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The Elm Street Tattoo Family

Elm Street Tattoo is owned by Oliver Peck and Dean Williams, two well known tattooers in the industry. They have a staff of 10 tattooers working full time between the street shop at 2811 Elm and the private studio at Heart in Hand Gallery.

All artists have been hand selected by Oliver and Dean and are of the highest quality. These artists specialize in many styles of tattoos including American Traditional, Black and Gray, and Japanese. Each artist has a style of their own which can be seen on their profile along with appointment and contact information.

Dean Williams

Dean Williams is part owner of Elm Street Tattoo and has been tattooing for over 25 years.

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Oliver Peck

Oliver Peck, judge of Ink Master, is an artist whose whole life revolves around tattooing. He is co-owner of Elm Street Tattoo in Dallas, TX and the owner of True Tattoo located in Hollywood, CA.

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Carl Hallowell

I enjoy the purity, truth, and boldness of TRADITIONAL AMERICAN and TRADITIONAL JAPANESE TATTOOING. These types of tattooing employ almost mathematical laws ensuring that each tattoo is a success. To a TRADITIONAL TATTOO ARTIST, your tattoo is not an experiment to exercise the artist’s ego. It is a permanent emblem on your skin which should be TIMELESS, PERSONAL, and POWERFUL.

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Joe Haasch

Joe focuses on American Traditional, Japanese, and Black and Gray tattoo styles. He has been a tattooer at Elm Street Tattoo since 2012. Now he primarily tattoos out of the private studio at Heart in Hand Gallery.

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Afton Alexandra

Afton is a native Texan who has worked as a professional body piercer with more than twelve years experience. She has previously owned two piercing studios in both Corpus Christi and San Angelo, Texas as well as a private cosmetic tattooing studio in Austin, Texas. With three licenses in Intradermal Micro-pigmentation and Microblading, she is looking to provide clients with the most natural looking results.  Her specialties include eyebrow microblading, eyebrow shading, freckling, hair restoration and areola restoration.

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Matt Van Cura

Matt Van Cura is a tattoo artist that has been tattooing professionally since 2001. His life-long experience as an artist has taken him across the globe, studying the endless facets of tattooing along side some of the greatest tattooers in the world.

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Phil LaRocca

Phil LaRocca is a tattooer focussed on American Traditional styled art with other influences such as black and grey, Japanese, and other eastern styles.

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Mark Galvan

Mark Galvan has been at Elm Street Tattoo since 1999. He is a flexible artist with a wide range of specialties, but his sweet spot is in script writing. When he’s not tattooing you can find him hitting up the park with his BMX bike or eating ice cream with his kids.

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Jason Fancher

Raised in Sacramento California, Jason was introduced to American Traditional in the early 1990’s. Working in classic street shops Jason has focused on tattooing most styles, favoring American Traditional, Black and Gray, Japanese, and coverups.

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Josh Williams

Josh’s experience in the tattoo industry began in 1998. He is a well-versed tattooer in all styles, but excels in American traditional, black and grey, and floral designs.
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Bryan Black

Born and raised in Southern California, Bryan Black is an up and coming black and gray specialist at Elm Street Tattoo. He practices American Traditional, semi-realism, and realism in the black and gray palette.

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Jacob Young

Jacob has been tattooing since 2015 and focus on American Traditional style tattoos. Bold, bright, and straight to the point is what he likes.

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